Environmental Benefits
Global warming is no longer a scientific supposition. Our human activities have and are still affecting the climate at a drastic rate. It is the reality we all face and must start to amend. Our actions today will help preserve what is left for the future generations.

When you power your building with sunshine, you can feel good about helping the planet breathe a little easier. That’s because unlike coal, oil, and gas, your solar panel system creates no emissions or pollution. Your energy comes from a completely renewable resource (the sun).

Your efforts can help ensure that your building utilizes clean and renewable power for its significant electricity usage. This will help conserve the environment, keep it clean and reduce the impact of the Greenhouse Gas Effect and Global Warming.

Fossil fuels are not only bad for the environment we live in, they are also a limited resource. Their restricted availability creates a volatile market where energy prices skyrocket. And at the end it is you who pays the ultimate price.
REMEMBER: The amount of Carbon Dioxide saved by installing a 100 KW Solar System would amount to approximately 100,000 pounds per year. For the life cycle of 20 years, that means more than 2 Million pounds of CO2  savings for the Earth. That is equivalent to savings of driving a car for approximately 150,000 kilometers a year or 3 Million kilometers for the period of 20 years.

The power to change the fate of tomorrow lies inside you. Help us carry forward this beautiful planet for the future generations so they may also enjoy their time here as we have. Save money. Save our Earth and spread the word.