How it works


Once you have decided to go solar, we step in and take care of you at every step. This includes all permits, engineering, financing, installation and on-going monitoring and performance of your system.

Going Solar? How it really works for you!
  • There will be no upfront costs or investments for you.
  • We set up solar panels on the roof-top or any other ideal location on your property. Its correct placement will ensure Solar Electricity and Solar Thermal energy for the property. This will generate electricity and hot water.
  • We install, own and operate these Solar Plants and are responsible for their daily operation and maintenance.
  • Our company would only charge you on a per unit basis that is actually consumed. This means only the electricity and hot water used totally will be accounted for and nothing extra.
  • The cost of the electricity and hot water is lower than the cost you are currently paying. You will be able to note a significant guaranteed savings thanks to going solar.
Services we provide you:

Services & Repairs
We take care of any repair costs such as an inverter replacement or an unlikely case of a damaged panel.

Solar Monitoring
We constantly monitor the systems and will respond in the doubtful event of a performance decline.

Insurance Coverage
Our all-inclusive solar system coverage protects you against damage or theft and ensures a steady supply of power.